Italian Chicken

Italian Chicken


This is a recipe that has been pass from an italian family to my puertorrican family, and my mother has been making it for years now, my friend Raquel Hernandez told me as she has continue the tradition from her mother,and prepare it for a friends gathering.  It is very easy to do and only requires 5 main ingredients.


Chicken legs, tights and brest cut in half.

slice onions

slice potatoes french style

good olive oil

1 can of green peas

salt & pepper

Season chicken with salt and pepper,  put the chicken in a large pan for the oven.  Then add the onions, the potatoes, and the olive oil. Cook at 350, for 30 minutes until the ckn has reach the internal temperature of 165*F.  Remove from the oven and add the peas. Enjoy!!.


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