Pickled Green Bananas – side dish


Side dish with green bananas


Grenn bananas “no gas”

Green Bananas versus “almost green bananas”

Last week I show you a sneak peek of green bananas with a promise of a post for a side dish. But what really move me to write about “green bananas”, is the huuha going around the blogosphere about the healthy characteristic of eating green bananas including the peeling, to do healthy smoothies or to eat it raw.  Let me be clear a real green banana cannot be eaten raw or in a smoothie, it can only be eaten cook by any method that you choose, boil, mash, fry. Here is a little explanation between a green banana and a greenish banana.

Green banana is a staple in the Caribbean, Asian and African cuisine. This is the green banana that you find label in a market as; !No Gas!. What this mean is that this banana was not gassed and it will ripen naturally, having a longer shelf life. This is the banana that you would cook any way, shape or form. Its hard very starchy, and not very easy to peel.  Do not get confuse with a plantain, they are from the same family, but different.

The other so-called “green banana”, is the same banana that was gassed to accelerate the natural ripen process. This is the banana that you find in the market that ranges in color from light green to yellow, completely yellow, or yellow with black spots. And because of the gas procedure, this one will have a shorter shelf life.  They are soft, sweet, easy to peel making them an ideal snack.  Most people will discard the bananas when they get to soft and with dark spots, but this is the ideal banana for doing ice cream, cakes or banana bread, because all the sugar concentration in the fruit is at top level. That`s the reason why people with diabetic, should only eat half of one banana a week. You can read more about green bananas here.

That aside let me show you a side dish made with real green bananas, and the procedure to peel and cook them. You can only use this peeling method, if you are going to cook the banana, if not you need to peel one by one by hand.




Wash, cut the ends, and boil for 5 minutes to soft the peel


Remove the peels


Have another pan ready with boiling and season water to finish the cooking procedure

After they are cook, let them cool down, and cut in small pieces.  Saute  and add the following ingredients. Onions, cilantro, ham or crispy cook bacon, green olives with red peppers (alcaparrado).  Prepare a vinaigrette withe olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper, and add to the green bananas.






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