The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award

I have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Trish Martin from The Liebster award nominees are bloggers with less than 200 followers on any given media, with the purpose of knowing each other, us bloggers. My blog, is something that I just start in 2013, having in mind a way to showcase my daily life after retiring from my 30+ years at PRTC, the mayor telephone company in Puerto Rico, and my career as a Chef for 5 years. I spend most of my time tending, fixing and decorating my rented apartment in Texas. I also have passion for painting furniture, some light reupholster, sewing, and cooking.  Trish I really appreciatte you took the time to nominate me for this award, so here are some facts about me.

11 Facts about me 

1. love to cook

2. have a son and a daughter

3. also 3 beautiful grandchildren

4. love the color blue

5. always wanted to sing

6. have more than one bff for over 30 years

7. love to travel

8. if  you want to hear the true, ask me

9. positive person

10. a believer

11. down to earth

Answer to questions from Trish:

1. My favorite hobbies are painting furniture and cooking.

2. My favorite author is Esmeralda Santiago, Cuando era puertorriquena,  Conquistadora

3. Favorite food is simple and plain rice and beans, puertorican or New Orleans style

4. Yes, I do like to travel

5. Favorite vacation spot where ever my children are.

6. Favorite designer, Nate Berkus, so cute!!

7. Been blogging less than a year

8. Favorite movie; The Help, beside the great story that happen when I was 13 years old, also love all the mid century era furniture and clothes.

9. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, it is the official day for saying grace

10. Never have the opportunity to host a tea party, but a coffee party.

11. For me fall is the most cozy and intimate season and that I love, but I think that spring is the most beautiful.

These are my 9 nominees for The Liebster Award:

+Barry Young

+Guardian Network Services

+Ricky Keller

+Millie Franceschi

+Jeanderson batista Batista

+Mary Fox

+Gricelda Perez

+Mary Gallardo

And here I will ask all my nominees to do the same as I did.  In a post tell me 11 facts about you, answer the 11 questions above, and nominated 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers, and tell them, they have been nominated.  Enjoy!!


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