Rice with Cabbage, Bacon and Carrots



Rice is a staple in the Caribbean cuisine.  Most families cook it everyday, with what ever is at hand, and the recipes we gather over years are endless, and the combinations has no limits. Paellas and Arroz con Pollo are every day meals.  My favorite is simple delicious rice and beans.  Is a hearty dish prepare with white rice and red kidney or pink beans.  Something similar to the famous rice and beans from New Orleans, but without the sausage, and with country ham instead.  Following the tradition of doing rice with everything and anything I present you a delicious rice dish.  This one is made of bacon, cabbage, and carrots that I do frequently after learning how to do it from my friend Carmen. Everybody loves it, and is a hit with my family and friends.


3 cups of white rice (of your selection)

6 cups of chicken stock

2 carrots peel and shredded (reserve one cup for garnish)

1 package best quality bacon

3 cups cabbage shredded (reserve one cup for garnish

salt & pepper to taste

This is how I do it:

Cut the bacon in small pieces, and render the fat.  Add 1 carrot, and the 2 cups of cabbage.  Cook for two or three minutes and add the rice, stir and let it cook for 3 minutes, before adding the chicken stock.  Cook uncovered until the rice has absorb  all the liquid, cover and cook until the rice is completely soft.  Garnish with the reserve cabbage, carrots.  Serve with any type of meat  as a side dish.  Enjoy!!

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