Peruvian Cuisine

In my recent visit to Miami, Fl. I was invited to eat at a Peruvian restaurant.  It was my first time experimenting this cuisine, and let me tell you it is delicious.  These were the dishes that we ate that night.

Papas a la Huancaina

One of the most famous dishes from the Peruvian cuisine is “papas a la huancaina”, that derived their name from Huancayo, a city in the highlands of Peru.  Its made of boiled potatoes, with a spicy sauce made with aji amarrillo, (yellow peruvian chilli peppers), oil, evaporated milk, queso fresco, salt and saltines crackers.



Jalea Peruana

Another staple  of the peruvian cuisine, is Jalea de Mariscos  a combination of fish and seafood, slighty breaded and fry, serve with yucca fries or “tostones ” (double fry green plantain), pickles red onions, with a sauce of garlic and onions.  This dish is serve family style, and is plenty for 4 or more persons.


Chaufa Rice

Chaufa rice is fried rice from the peruvian /chinese cuisine.  Is a mix of rice, eggs, ginger, vegetables, scallions, some meat and soy sauce. introduced to Peru, by the chinese immigrants it is another staples of the peruvian cuisine, and an everyday meal.



Tacu Tacu

The most popular of all peruvian/african cuisine dish.  Basically is a mixture of leftover rice, with cooked and mash beans, lentils, or garbanzo  with saute red onions, garlic, and yellow peruvian chilli peppers.  Serve with a very thin piece of steak, fry plantain, and an egg. These resembles the traditional “arroz manposteao” from Puerto Rico and others Caribbean Islands.



Because most of these plates are serve individually, you will have plenty of food to share or to go.  Hope you enjoy peruvian cuisine like I did.  Enjoy!!

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