How to Roast Vegetables for the Week

Great and easy. Less to do in almost a week, and you`ll have something ready to eat. Love the idea from Simple Provisions!!.

Simple Provisions

How to Roast Vegetables for the Week

Recently I got back into my winter routine of roasting up a big batch of hearty veggies on the weekend, ready to use in meals throughout the week. Writing a food blog means that at least once a week I’m cooking something new and interesting, but most of the time, especially with a baby in the house, getting a meal on the table is just part of the daily routine, and strategies like this help make life a little easier.

Roasting a bunch of vegetables at once means that you have a map of the week’s meals already done, the crisper draw no longer harbours rubbery carrots, and you’re banking your daily vegetable quota ahead of time. Here’s how I prepare and roast my veg, then, I thought it might be cool to share what I’ve done with the veggies throughout the week. Head over to like Simple Provisions on Facebook to…

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