Way to go, growing your own vegetables at home.

Sunny District

I have been trying my hand at growing my own herbs recently, and hence been reading a lot of blogs to gather tips on how to do it right. I’ve had some luck though there is still a long way to go before I can boast about any of it 😉 A surprising tip I read was about growing spring onions or chives…some bloggers/ gardeners shared their experience of how simply placing the cut root-ends into a jar of water would make them grow again. Nothing can be that easy, right? So I tried it myself, straight from the refrigerator and into an empty salsa jar. I was ready to say tchahh! but look here what I got! New leaves started to show within a day of placing the roots in water. I am elated to say the least. If only everything in this world were as simple as growing chives!

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