Chicken Feet Soup

Chicken Feet Soup

WP_000355The chicken feet soup is an uncommon soup in our tables these days. Is not a popular or known dish, for the new generations. Most young kids, have never seen or tasted this kind of dish.  But if you were raised in a farm, with plenty of chicken coops, you may be familiar with this or any other chicken parts.  It may look weird to you, but I can assure you the end result is a very delicious soup.


Chicken Feet

You can only find this at a Latino or an Asian supermarket.  Some are sold pre cooked, deboned and clean, making it easer to cook with then.  A pressure cooker is a great and fast way to cook chicken feet.  They are gelatinous, and hard to cook.  You have to boil or fry the chicken feet, in order to remove the skin, also you most remove the ends.

Chicken feet are excellent for making chicken stock, they have a lot of collagen and a very strong flavor.  You can also fry, roast, or grill chicken feet.  Serve with a soy sauce, or in a soup.

My recipe for Chicken Feet Soup Recipe:

2 # of chicken feets

6 cups of water

carrots, onion, and celery cut in medium diced

salt & pepper to taste.

How I do it:

  • Wash the chicken feets and cut the ends
  • Boil and simmer in plenty water until soft
  • Remove from heat, and remove the skin
  • Strain the resulting broth from boiling/simmering the chicken feets, and add 6 cups of broth with the chicken feets, the vegetables, and cook until the vegetables are done.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!!


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