Eggplant Lasagna

Eggplant Lasagna


What to do with lots of eggplant that I was able to buy for .99 cents the whole bunch??  Eggplant lasagna!!.  Eggplants are everywhere and at very good low price. I had like 1 1/2 pounds of leftover baked chicken, from the night before, and decided to do a delicious eggplant lasagna.  Very fast and simple, you will only need these ingredients:  5 or 6 eggplants, pizza sauce, chicken or any other meat, shredded cheese, salt and crush black pepper.  Follow the steps as of any regular lasagna. WP_20140708_001




Cover with pizza sauce


Cover with mexican cheese


Bake for 30 minutes








5 thoughts on “Eggplant Lasagna

  1. This recipe looks great Fabiola, and so timely. We just bought a big bag of eggplants and are trying to decide what to do with them. It would be nice to have a lasagna without the carbs and calories of pasta, and this is the perfect solution. Thanks for the idea. ~James


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