It Only Took Me 23 Years To Make My Husband’s Favorite Childhood Dish

Otra receta interesante para hacer con cerdo. De el blog de Laurel Nguyen, My Foray Into Food Storage!!.

My Foray Into Food Storage

I love my husband, but, yes, it really took me 23 years of marriage to make my husband’s favorite childhood dish, Thịt Kho (Vietnamese Braised Pork with Eggs).

Vietnamese Braised Pork With Eggs Vietnamese Braised Pork With Eggs

Poor man!  In my defense, it is a bit intimidating to make someone’s favorite dish, particularly when it is not the cuisine you grew up eating, and you have to match your husband’s mother’s recipe.  So waiting 23 years was to my advantage.  It had been so long since he’d had it, he couldn’t truly remember what his mother’s recipe tasted like!  I made it for the first time about a month ago, and it was a hit.

Seriously, this is an issue I struggle with a bit.  I can follow a recipe just fine, but I cannot taste Vietnamese cuisine and know what it’s missing like I can with the foods I ate growing…

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