Roasted Pork Loin with Guava Sauce

WP_20140727_008Pork Loin a very tender, easy to prepare cut of meat.  Cooking time varies as the weight of the meat, these two pieces took only, 1 hour and 15 minutes including resting time.


Roasted for one hour at 350.F, and let is rest cover for 15 minutes



Ingredients for the guava sauce:

1/4 c guava paste at room temperature

1 tablespoon of floor

1 cup of any sweet wine

1 cup of chicken stock

drippings and grease from the baking pan

salt & black pepper to taste

Heat the drippings and grease of the meat in a pot, add the flour and cook until is light brown, add and dissolve the guava paste by constantly moving and mixing the ingredients. When the guava is dissolve, add the chicken stock, and wine mixing all together until you get a sauce consistency.  Season to taste.  Serve over the slice pork loin. Enjoy!!.



5 thoughts on “Roasted Pork Loin with Guava Sauce

    • Liz, guava is a delicious fruit usually found in Asia, Mexico and in the Caribbean. And you can use it in a variety of sweet and sour dishes. The paste form is sweet, so is excellent for desserts and some sauces. Its a great match for pork. Thank you for your comment.


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