Sofa Pillows – Chiang Mai Dragon

These sofa pillows I made on the cheap with two swatch samples fabrics.  Thanks to Vidya Sukumaran, from Whats Your Home Story, who found the way through another blogger, of getting these high end designer swatch sample for only $7.00 a piece.  The samples from this company are big enough for you to do the face of one pillow.  My samples were 16×16.  If you want to buy from this company, Inside Fabrics, I suggest you read the swatch sample disclaimer, before making an order. Not all samples are the same size, and with some of then, you wont be able to do a pillow, maybe a coaster, believe me. 



F. Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon – Lacquer Sample 16×16


F. Schumacher fabric Chiang Mai Dragon -Blue Sample 16×16

WP_20140810_010These high end designer swatch samples are from F. Schumacher, the cost of this fabric is $156.80 per yard.  The total cost for this project was $14.00 dollars for two samples, with delivery included. The pillows inserts are reused from old pillows.

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