Painted Vintage Chandelier

Well my friends after so many posts about travel and food, I also have so many non related food projects to share with you.  My first of those projects is my painted Vintage Chandelier.  After a little tweaking  here and there, I`m posting about my beautiful lamp transformation.  You know how much I like to spend the least amount of money, this only cost me, less than $12.00 dollars.  I only had to buy two cans of spray paint, as I had one  from a previous project, and a new set of bulbs.  I wanted to change the look a little bit, so I replaced the original light bulbs.


This is a vintage chandelier lamp from a set of two that I bought from  my bff Anibal.   These two beautiful lamp were from his late mother`s house.  They went from dreaded gold to beautiful lacquer black.

The Golden Girl- before:

The Black Lady – after


The paint used for this project was Rust-Oleum Special Lacquer. I was looking for a shinny lacquer look.  It`s a wonderful paint to work with, with great coverage, and low price.


The picture looks a little dark, because I took it at the night.


Thanks for visiting!!


8 thoughts on “Painted Vintage Chandelier

  1. What a gorgeous transformation – wish I had seen this a few years ago when I had a very similar chandelier in our house and HATED it. It never occurred to me to paint it like you did here. Amazing!
    Thank you for sharing with us at Wake Up Wednesday!

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