Thrifty Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath #2

Two years ago, in one of my garage sale outings, I bought a box of Christmas ornaments with 42 pieces for $5.00. Meaning I paid $0.11 cents on the dollar for each.  Can you get more thrifty than that? it is almost impossible. I had used some in this Christmas Ornaments Wreath that I made last year, that you can see here.

photo (21)

With some of those remaining ornaments and with the “new” vintage ones, I was able to make this year`s Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath.  I even have some for the coming year.

photo (26)


I also added, the green and red tinsel wreath $2.00, the styrofoam wreath $8.00, and no more than $3.00 in vintage ornaments. Thrifty wreath for a total of $13.00.

photo (20)



Hope you like and keep on trifting, have a great time during the coming Holidays!!.

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Goat Cheese and Kale Frittata

Frittata a fulfilling and delicious Italian version of a “tortilla espanola”, made with potatoes, cheese and some vegetables, with a round form cook over the stove and in the oven. It’s a great dish for a Christmas brunch, after the Christmas gifts opening.



1/4 C olive oil

2 big russet potatoes or yellow potatoes

1 small zucchini

1 small onion

3 big kale leaves

12 eggs

1 C heavy cream

1/2 C milk

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 C fresh goat cheese

s & p


Pre-heat oven at 350.F

Thinly slice the potatoes, onion and zucchini.  Cover the base and the sides of a non-stick pan safe for oven with the olive oil.  Cook the potatoes, onion and kale in this order, at medium heat.



Thinly slice the kale and add.



Beat the eggs and add the cream, milk, cream of chicken and 1/2 cup of cheese, reserve the other half for the topping.


Cook on the stove top at medium low, until is a little less watery.



At this point, cover and take to the pre heated oven for 15 minutes or less.

Invert into a serving dish, let it rest and serve, hot or cold.WP_20141019_010


Original recipe by Fabiola Garcia.  Hope you like it.  Enjoy!!


Old Music Books Christmas Wreath – Tutorial

photo (23)

I been collecting old music books for a while, in order to make this paper wreath.  After reading some interesting posts about old books wreaths, I made this Christmas Wreath big enough to cover a big wall and substitute the Christmas tree. I chose books in 3 sizes, but you can do only one size; some Christmas ornaments were added for embellishment. This is an inexpensive project to do, because old books go from about one to two dollars each. All the other materials you may have at home. Because music books usually are not more than 60 pages, you may need several books, to complete the 120+ pages.

You will need

old books different sizes (120+pages)

Christmas ornaments of your choise




glue gun

card board

10 inches of cord for hanging the wreath


-start by removing the pages from the books, clean the inner border if necessary with the scissors

-start forming the cones, secure then with the clear tape, and place the staple 1 inch at the end

-cut the card board 12 inches x 14

– draw 2 circles in the card board, one 10 inches and the other 8 inches

-make two holes near the corner, leaving 1 or 2 inches from the border and tide the cord for hanging the wreath

-start placing the longest cones around the whole 10 inches circle. Use glue or staple as you please

-continue placing the second size of cones in the space between the two circles

-end with the shortest size around the 8 inches circle

-place the embellishment at the center, and around the wreath

photo 2



photo (11)

photo 1

I made this on the working table, after finishing the last circle, I placed the wreath on the wall, and filled out all the blanks spaces, and added the Christmas decorations.

photo (24)


photo (23)photo (25)

Stuffed Acorn Squash



Delicious seasonal acorn squash, fill with ground chicken, pork sausage and vegetables. Looks like a lot of work, but is not. Just cook the chicken, sausage and vegetables, stuff the acorn squash, and bake at 350.F until soft.


2  acorn squash

1# ground chicken or beef

1  pork sausage ground

1/2 zucchini small diced

1 small onion diced

1 T cranberries

1 T golden raisins

1 T sunflower kernels

salt and pepper to taste

1 T cooking oil


2 cups of chicken broth



Place the oil in a skillet, cook the chicken, season with salt and pepper.

Ground the pork sausage, and add it to the chicken.

Add the rest of the ingredients, except the broth.

Cut the squashes in half, and season with salt, pepper, and parsley.

Stuff the squashes with the chicken mixture.

Place in a baking dish with chicken broth, cover with aluminum foil.

Bake at 350.F, until tender.

I`m pretty sure your family will love this dish, as my family did. Enjoy!!







Turquoise Thursday: Christmas Spirit in Vieques

I`m sharing this post, and so glad you have a great experience in Puerto Rico, and hope you come back with your boyfriend, very soon. Thanks!!

Turquoise Compass Blog


Merry ChristmasFrom East to West Vieques, Puerto Rico is one of the most beautiful destinations I have ever seen. The beaches on the island of Vieques are in the top 5 beach destinations I have visited. Vieques has nature preserves, pristine secluded beaches, a bioluminescent bay, culture, and a history of revolutionaries and a resistance against their land being destroyed. Vieques is a destination I need to return to. When I visit certain beaches it’s as if I leave a piece of myself there, while learning something new in return. I’ll always have this intense burning desire to go back to certain destinations where I feel as though part of me was left behind. Vieques was one of those places.  Pictures don’t even capture its true beauty. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to visit Vieques in their lifetime. I’ll be happy if I inspire one person to visit Vieques…

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Puerto Rico’s Secret Turquoise Treasure

I want to share with all of you, this beautiful post about my home country, Puerto Rico. Originally share by Turquoise Compass.

Turquoise Compass Blog

ViequesI spent over two weeks on the sunny and tropical island of Puerto Rico in 2013. The tranquil and humid island welcomed me as if it was my home. I think I was meant to have been born in a tropical destination; It’s in my blood. Based on my travels throughout the Northern and Eastern parts of Puerto Rico, I fell in love with one particular area: Vieques!

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Homemade Vanilla

Homemade Vanilla



For making homemade vanilla, all you need is great vanilla beans, and alcohol of your choice: vodka, brandy, rum or gin. Originally from Mexico, the Vanilla Planifolia beans have a reputation of being the best, only after the ones from Madgascar.  I received a small package of Mexican beans, and decided to do my own homemade vanilla extract.  They got a little dry after storing them in the cooler for a long time, but in the end the drier the better, because they have less water content.

My alcohol of choice was rum, and the one available was dragon berry and strawberry flavor.  The advantage of  making your own vanilla is that you end of with a good product, free of artificial flavors, colors and sugar.  The vanilla beans can be reused up to 3 times, when then you should add more alcohol and new vanilla beans.  It should be kept in a dry and dark area; resting time is from 8 weeks to a year, and is recommended that you shake it daily.


These are my 8 vanilla beans the first day, back in August 17, in the alcohol of choice: rum.


This is the normal appearance of the alcohol, the murky liquid is due to the vanilla seeds flecks.  At the end of the resting period, you can either leave them in the liquid or strain then with a paper coffee filter.


6 weeks



My recipe:

16 ounces dragon berry/strawberry flavor rum ( my alcohol of choice)

8 vanilla beans

1 jar with lid


– Split open the beans

– Place the alcohol of choice in the jar

– Cut and submerge the vanilla beans in the liquid

– Cover and store in a dry and dark place for at least 8 weeks

– Shake it daily!!

This vanilla can be use for cooking, baking, and as a flavor rum for drinks. Enjoy!!


Thank you for following,

Fabiola Garcia

Serving Tray

Serving Tray

This is a really cheap garage sale find, a beat up serving tray, that I scored for only .50 cents.  When recycling and repurposing you have to look beyond the initial shock or first impression, to figure out what to do with the item.  I have seen this tray going from $14.00 or much more!.  So the next question you may ask yourself is, what can`t paint do?  I cleaned the tray with soap and water, and let it  dry completely, before applying one coat of primer.




This is the primer I used for the serving tray.WP_20130908_004


First coat of primer, and first coat of spray paint. Sorry no pic of the primer.
WP_20130929_009After the first dry, I applied another coat of black lacquer Rust-Oleum, that I had from a previous  project.




The purpose of recycling this service tray, was to protect the Mid-Century Bench Style table.  I bought it at a thrift store, and it was all over covered with water marks, you can see it here..  After painting the borders with a sample paint that I bought for $1, from the “oops” section, I applied  a wallpaper sample from the Chiang Mai Dragon line. This paper goes with one of the pillows I made for the sofa, that you can also see here.   This is a  thrifty project that I made: black spray paint free from another project, + $1.00 for the Valspar sample, + .50c for the tray, + $7.00 for the wallpaper sample= $8.50 total cost.


One coat of Mod Podge in Matte and voala!!

Thank you for following and for your comments!!

Fabiola Garcia






Coffee Flan w/ Cajeta Caramel

Coffee Flan with Cajeta Caramel

This flan is made like a custard, with plenty of eggs: 6 wholes ones and 8 yolks.  It has a rich coffee flavor, and you add the coffee raw like in “cafe de olla”, to the sweet milk mix.  I had made coffee flan before, but not this way, so I decided to give it a try.   The original recipe is from Chef Rick Bayless, “TV show about Mexican food”, Mexico, One Plate at a Time and yes, I`m a fan.

WP_20140910_002The real kick of this flan is the Cajeta Caramel, made out of Goat Milk Caramel spread.   The advantage of this spread is that you don`t have to cook it, like you have to do with sugar caramel. You just spread it in the baking dish,  add the flan mixture, and that`s it.


1/2 cup of cajeta spread (latino food isle in the supermarket)

3 cups of milk

2 cans of condensed milk

4 orange peel strip without the white part

1 1/2 cinnamon sticks

4 whole cloves

1/3 cup dark roast coffee

6 whole eggs

8 egg yolks



Combine all ingredients, except eggs and yolks.  Simmer and stir ocasionally and don`t let it scorch.  Remove from heat strain, and let it rest for 5 minutes or so.  Whisk the eggs and yolks and strain again the hot milk/coffee mixture into the eggs, very slowly and mixing at the same time. You may need to strain the mixture more than one time, to eliminate the ground coffee dregs.



Cook in Bain Marie at 350 .F, for 45 minutes or so.  Let it rest before inverting it in a serving plate, serve with the Cajeta Caramel Sauce that form in the flan baking dish.  You can also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream…yum,yum,yum!!.


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