Painted Vintage Chandelier

Well my friends after so many posts about travel and food, I also have so many non related food projects to share with you.  My first of those projects is my painted Vintage Chandelier.  After a little tweaking  here and there, I`m posting about my beautiful lamp transformation.  You know how much I like to spend the least amount of money, this only cost me, less than $12.00 dollars.  I only had to buy two cans of spray paint, as I had one  from a previous project, and a new set of bulbs.  I wanted to change the look a little bit, so I replaced the original light bulbs.


This is a vintage chandelier lamp from a set of two that I bought from  my bff Anibal.   These two beautiful lamp were from his late mother`s house.  They went from dreaded gold to beautiful lacquer black.

The Golden Girl- before:

The Black Lady – after


The paint used for this project was Rust-Oleum Special Lacquer. I was looking for a shinny lacquer look.  It`s a wonderful paint to work with, with great coverage, and low price.


The picture looks a little dark, because I took it at the night.


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Free Tables & Chair

My neighbor found two of these tables, plus this chair right in front of our community trash container.  I painted both tables, and keep one.  He took the chair and used it for a while, and when he got his “new chairs”, another set of rescue chairs from the trash, he return the chair to me, and I gave it to a friend that was moving to her first apartment.  Like someone said…!!a man trash is another treasure!!.

Mi apreciado vecino encontro dos de estas mesas y una silla, frente al contenedor de basura de nuestro complejo de apartamentos.  Con la buena suerte de que ambos necesitabamos una mesa, las pinte y nos repartimos el botin. Yo me quede con una mesa, y el se quedo con la otra y la silla.  Luego de usarla por un buen tiempo, yo rescate  un set de 3 sillas en perfecto estado, de otro contenedor de basura, y mi vecino me “regalo” la otra rescatada. Esta silla rescatada se la regale a una amiga que se mudaba a un nuevo apartamento.  Bien lo dice el refran….  !!la basura de uno, es el tesoro de otros!!.