Avocado Limber

Avocado Limber

For this great hot weather, nothing better than a frozen treat. Limber is the common name in Puerto Rico for a frozen treat, made out of fruits juice or milk.  Similar to snow cones, ice pops or paletas.  Being avocado a fruit with a sweet note, mix with pineapple to enhance the flavors is perfect for this frozen treat.



Ingredients: 2 ripe avocados, 20 oz. can pineapple, 3/4 c orange juice, 1/4 c lime and lemon juice ea., 1/2 cup pure honey, pinch of sea salt


Mix all the ingredients in the blender, put in a 3 oz container and place in the freezer for at least 2 hours


When serving, turn upside down and you would have a Limber, ready to lick, and eat. Enjoy!!


Breadfruit, “pana or panapen”


Breadfruit, pana or panapen is a versatile fruit mostly eat as a vegetable.  It has a mild bread flavor that allows to be incorporated in multiple recipes or as a side dish. In the Caribbean is mostly eat as chips, as a substitute for potatoes, double fried as tostones, boil and eat with olive oil and salted fish (bacalao) salad.  Tostones de pana, is double fried delicious fritter that you get by first frying it to cook the inside of the breadfruit, and then double fried it to get the crispy crust, and is serve with a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup (mayo-ketchup) sauce or garlic aioli.  Just to mention a few you can also use it for making creamy soups, cakes, flans, or bake like a potato.  If you would like to learn more about breadfruit, you can read here Breadfruit.


Breadfruit with ground beef filling 

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Double fried panas or breadfruit with garlic alioli.


Breadfruit with salted cod fish salad and avocado