Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid Century Bench Style – Coffee Table

If you want to find the best mid-century, antique or vintage furniture, you most go to a local thrift store, like GoodWill or Salvation Army located near a mayor university or college. Most of the time, when young students go away home to college, they collect furniture from their family.  They always get that special chair, sofa, coffee table or other pieces of furniture that the family wants to get rid off.  That`s when the mid-century furniture take center stage in a dorm. Sometimes is a sentimental piece that they want to keep forever, but most of the time,  they want nothing to do with the piece after college, and it end up in a thrift store.


That`s how I found my beautiful mid-century bench style coffee table, it was a beat-up with lots of water marks, and scratches.  Can you see my mid-century bench style coffee table on the magazine cover?? did I mentioned that I only paid $12.00 for it?? Score!!


I sanded it with my palm sander to remove most of the old paint, varnish, and water marks.  I then applied 2 coats of Varathane wood stain, in Provincial, and waited 24 hrs between coats. I tried to keep the different colors variations on the wood, so I only went very hard on the water marks areas.

First stain coat


Second and final coat.  Can you see the different colors variations in the wood?? That`s a natural look on wood, and that is what I was looking for.


I did not apply a protector, because this is going to be a low use table in my apartment.  In order not to get anymore stains or water marks, I added a tray, that needs to be finished. In the meantime, no drinking vessel of any kind on the table!!

Thanks for reading;

Fabiola Garcia