Painted and Reupholster Chair


I love old chairs, and this one is my favorite. Is a thrifty chair from an estate sale that I was able to get for only $4.00 dollars, after a little negotiation with the seller. It was in a very bad shape so it took a while for me to decide wich way to go with it.

6173_144420074767_2634421_n (1)


It`s not what you are thinking the seat originally was made of cane and it was completly torn, so I decide to remove the cane, and replace it with a piece of craft wood.

6173_144424934767_2550743_n (1)Primer and paint gave her a new look. 6173_144420079767_5240428_n (1)And from my stash of free fabrics I made this trow pillow, to use in the back or the seat. Use it for a long time like this, until one day I decided to incorporate it to my dinning room set, and totally change it.



Took another two samples from my stash of free fabrics and reupholster it to match my actual dinning room chairs




The fabric was set to match the actual dinning chairs


Actual dinning chair


Dinning set

Peruvian Potato Salad

Peruvian Potato Salad

Blue or purple potatoes are rich in antioxidants, contain no fat and help with reducing the blood pressure.  Also strengthen the immune system.  They are also delicious and very colorful turning from purple to blue to purple again after they are season.


I made this salad by only adding a few ingredients: Beets, cilantro, cherry tomatoes, olive oil mix with lemon juice, mustard, salt & pepper.  Enjoy!!

Craigslist Dresser


It was one of those days when the Craigslist goddesses , were with me. If you are like me, that frequently look at Craigslist looking for a good piece of furniture to transform, you may have notice that some people who post on Craigslist do not answer emails or remove the ad when the piece is gone.  And that is so !annoying!,  But in this particular day, my email was instantly  answer with the price and the address to pick it up.  It  was  a Mid – Century dresser for $10.00 dollars, !!yes ten dollars!!.  With some scratches here and there, but sturdy.