Deco Mesh Fall Wreath

Deco Mesh Fall Wreath.

Deco mesh is a plastic ribbon that resembles fabric. I`s flexible and very easy to use for doing bows, garlands, and wreaths.  I decided to do my own, reusing some existing  material that I had from previous year.  I had an 18 inches straw wreath, and some spools of ribbons to cover the straw wreath.    WP_20140901_004

For this wreath, I used 2 spool of ribbon  for covering the straw. For this part you can use any ribbons, because the back will be facing the wall or door.  A straw wreath is not the usual wreath to use with deco mesh.  The wreath recommended for working with the deco mesh ribbon, is the wire “work wreath”.  But remember that I`m reusing the last year wreath.

These are the materials that I’m reusing from last year: 1 straw wreath, 1 deco mesh in multicolor, and 2 satin ribbons to cover the straw wreath.

These are the materials that I bought :

2 deco mesh spool 5 1/2 inches wide in orange, and 1 in brown, 1 package of florist pins, and 1 satin ribbon for decoration


For my 18 inches wreath, I cut the deco mesh 26 inches long for each bow.

Form a bow, putting the two ends together, and crumple together to the center and tied with the florist wire

Continue until you finish the 3 deco mesh spools

Place the bows with a florist pin in the wreath, alternating colors: multi, orange, brown. Continue until you finish covering the whole wreath.

Cut the decorative satin ribbons at 14 inches, and with a florist pin, inserted in the middle of the ribbon, then in the wreath.

Hope you like it!!

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Turkey Wings

Turkey Wings

Turkey wings are an inexpensive cut of meat, great to feed a family, 3 turkey wings, will feed a family of 6.  Based on the fact that they are a bit tough to cook, you have different options for cooking them: either by using a pressure cooker or in the oven cover for at least one hour. I did mine in the oven.

WP_20140603_005To add color, I browned the pieces in 3 spoonful of vegetable oil.

WP_20140603_001After achieving the desire color, the vegetables, wine, and chicken broth were added.

WP_20140603_002Cover and to the oven for 1 hr more or less at 350F.

WP_20140603_007After removing the excess grease from the pan, all the vegetables were mashed to make a sauce.



Serve with white rice.


2# turkey wings

celery, carrots, regular onions, and green onions

white wine

chicken broth

salt and pepper