Striped Pillows

Striped Pillows – Recycling a Curtain

These were a pair of curtain panels that were used for a short period by a family member, and were given to me for recycling.  I put the fabric away for a while, until I decided what to do with it.  One of the panels, was missing a piece of fabric, and I could not use it again as a curtain, I decided to make some pillows for the living room`s vintage mid-century sofa.  This is an IKEA fabric, sold by the yard.

I wanted these striped pillows to be different, so I Googled it  and found lots of ideas, for striped pillows, some very easy to follow, others not so much.  Of all of the ones I looked up, this is the one I followed for my pillows, with a little change in the size.

I started by cutting a square of 18 x 18 inches, for a pillow insert of 16 inches, leaving 1 inch per side cut for sewing. With 1/2 an inch is also enough but I prefer to do 1 inch.

I used a piece of scrap fabric for the square template 18×18.  I converted the square template into a triangle and cut the fabric making sure  the placing of the lines on the fabric goes vertical and horizontal, like in the pic below.


This is what I get after cutting and pinned the fabric.

WP_20140918_008This is the face of the pillow


For the other pillow I used the same template, folded once, and to be very accurate with the lines, I cut each 4 panel individually, making sure that the black lines matches the other panel black lines and the same with the white, like in the pic.


For this the fabric was placed in vertical position, and matched the stripes before cutting. I did the same 4 times, always pinning, and checking how it would look before cutting.

WP_20140920_015The inches in my fabric are 2 1/2 inches

WP_20140920_017This is the back of the pillows, so they can be use in 4 different ways.


For the Chevron pillows, I used the same 18×18 template, and used the Chevron pattern only in the front.

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Fabiola Garcia

Painted and Reupholster Chair


I love old chairs, and this one is my favorite. Is a thrifty chair from an estate sale that I was able to get for only $4.00 dollars, after a little negotiation with the seller. It was in a very bad shape so it took a while for me to decide wich way to go with it.

6173_144420074767_2634421_n (1)


It`s not what you are thinking the seat originally was made of cane and it was completly torn, so I decide to remove the cane, and replace it with a piece of craft wood.

6173_144424934767_2550743_n (1)Primer and paint gave her a new look. 6173_144420079767_5240428_n (1)And from my stash of free fabrics I made this trow pillow, to use in the back or the seat. Use it for a long time like this, until one day I decided to incorporate it to my dinning room set, and totally change it.



Took another two samples from my stash of free fabrics and reupholster it to match my actual dinning room chairs




The fabric was set to match the actual dinning chairs


Actual dinning chair


Dinning set

Thrifty Pillow

Chevron Pillow made from a blouse

Chevron Pillow made from a blouse

Another score from a thrifty store, I bought a blouse at my local Goodwill for $2.99 dollars. It was a new piece, and in a Chevron pattern and I was able to make two pillows and a cosmetic bag.  By following a tutorial at I did the flower.


Con una blusa de $2.99, que compre en Godwill, con estampado de Chevron, confeccione dos cojines y una carterita  de cosmeticos. La flor la hice siguiendo las instrucciones que vi en


Sillas de Comedor (parte 2)

No se tu…como dice la cancion, pero yo me la paso cambiando los muebles de posicion y pongo los accesorios de acuerdo a la temporada, o mi estado de animo.  Como que me canso de ver lo mismo siempre.  Por eso tengo dos sets de sillas de comedor, uno azul y otro de sillas negras.  Les puse el mismo tapizado para crear continuacion y si las mezclo, todo se ve igual. La tela la compre por internet,  en Fabric. com.  Primero solicite una muestra de la tela.  De esta forma puedo ver la textura de la misma y cuanto va a resistir el uso diario.  Las sillas negras las pinte con pintura negra/charcoal, de la linea de Walmart y me fue mezclada en el departamento de pinturas.  Super economica. Lamento no poder mostrar el estado original de las sillas, ya que estas fotos desaparecieron en el universo del internet. Pero les digo que eran color brown obscuro, con un tapizado en Tapestry . Su precio fue de $3.00 c/u y por supuesto las compre en un garage sale.