Thrifty Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath #2

Two years ago, in one of my garage sale outings, I bought a box of Christmas ornaments with 42 pieces for $5.00. Meaning I paid $0.11 cents on the dollar for each.  Can you get more thrifty than that? it is almost impossible. I had used some in this Christmas Ornaments Wreath that I made last year, that you can see here.

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With some of those remaining ornaments and with the “new” vintage ones, I was able to make this year`s Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath.  I even have some for the coming year.

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I also added, the green and red tinsel wreath $2.00, the styrofoam wreath $8.00, and no more than $3.00 in vintage ornaments. Thrifty wreath for a total of $13.00.

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Hope you like and keep on trifting, have a great time during the coming Holidays!!.

Thank you, for following

Fabiola Garcia

Christmas Ornament Wreath


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It looks like this is the most popular Christmas decorations for this year, it is a  Christmas Ornaments Wreath.  Some are with vintage ornaments, other with new or plastic ones.  I been collecting vintage  ornaments for a while, but did not have 75 pieces of vintage balls ornaments, to do this one.  I visit  Goodwill, and to my surprise found some vintage Coby ornaments, really chip. Yes, more or less, you will need between 75 to 90 pieces in all shapes and sizes. I used 75 pieces in a mix of color.

This is what you need for a Christmas wreath:

1 wreath 14″ inches or 16

ribbon, spray paint, or silver garland (only one of this)

75 to 90 pieces of balls ornaments

hot glue gun

high temp glue


1. Paint, or place the ribbon or silver garland on the wreath

2. Place the hanging cord in the middle of the wreath

3. Start by placing the biggest decorations, in the outside of the wreath

4. Continue with the medium size, at the center, or  inner place

5. Now place the medium, small, and the ones with letters or any other decor, in the front of the wreath

6. Place all the small or tiny decor, in the empty spaces

He preparado esta decoracion navidena, utizando parte de mi coleccion de ornamentos navidenos vintage.  Ademas he utilizado otros nuevos y palsticos, pues eso es lo que hay actualmente en el mercado.  Para preparar esta corona, necesitas de 75 a 90 piezas de ornamentos de todos tamanos, y formas . En esta que te muestro utilize 75 piezas en tamanos  grandes a pequenos incluyendo las piezas de rellenar espacios y los “adornos”, como figuritas de Santa Clauss, trenes, semillas de pino y casitas.

Materiales necesarios:

1 corona de cualquier tipo de 14″ o 16″ plg.

75-90 piezas variadas en tamano, textura y color de adornos navidenos

pistola de pega caliente

pega caliente de alta temperatura (usar solo alta temperatura)

cordon, alambre o cualquier tipo de sujetador o colgador para cuadros

cinta, pintura en spray o un garland Navideno (usar el disponible de estos tres para cubrir la corona)

Como hacerla:

1. Coloca la cinta, garland o pinta la corona

2. Coloca el sujetador para engancharla

3. Divide los adornos por tamanos, de mayor a menor

4. Coloca los mas grandes en la parte de afuera de la corona

5. Coloca los tamano mediano, en el centro de la corona

6. Coloca los medianos, pequenos y con adornos o letras en la parte de arriba , o el frente de la corona

7. Utilizando los mas pequenos o mini, rellena los espacios abiertos


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