Capilla del Cristo – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


Capilla del Cristo

Capilla del Cristo is a beautiful and small chapel at calle del Cristo in Old San Juan. There a couples of stories about the capilla, one of them is that a soldier was running his horse down the street, and he pray God for the horse to stop before going over the cliff. Another is that a child ridding a horse went over the cliff and his father built the chapel in his memory.  No matter wich is true, what really matters is the beautiful gold and silver altar, and the Campeche paintings as a backdrop. You can visit daily, and when you do, take a few steps to Parque de las Palomas, feed the birds and enjoy the view.


Parque de Las Palomas


View from Parque de las Palomas, next to Capilla del Cristo


Adoquines or Cobble street