Roasted Vegetables Salsa


With Summer almost over, and with Fall around the corner, we still have a lot of fresh vegetables available. I had  a lot of tomatoes  from a previous trip to the grocery store.  Every time I go to the supermarket, I buy what I don`t have to buy, does that happen to you, too?, I ended up buying more tomatoes because of the special price of .79 cents a pound.




Add salt, black pepper, and olive oil to the cut vegetables before roasting.

I got the inspiration for making  the Roasted Vegetables Salsa, after participating in the linking party South of the BorderRecipes at #Foodie Fridays#12, were you can also find the inspiration recipe.



4# tomatoes

1 ea green, yellow, and orange peppers

3 big onions

6 garlic cloves

1/2 bunch cilantro

1/3 C of lime juice

1 T chili powder

1 T chili flakes

1 t cumin powder

salt & pepper to taste

olive oil for coating the vegetables




– clean and cut all the vegetables

– coat with salt, black pepper and olive oil

– place the vegetables in a sheet pan, roast for 45 minutes (this may vary according to your oven)

– remove from oven and place  the roasted vegetables and all the seasonings in the food processor

– process and place the salsa in a pot and cook in the stove for 10 minutes

– let it cool before serving

– serve  with chips

This recipe gave me a yield of 3 1/2  (12) ounce jars, we use one, and the rest was placed  in the freezer for future use.

Thanks, Fabiola



Turkey Wings

Turkey Wings

Turkey wings are an inexpensive cut of meat, great to feed a family, 3 turkey wings, will feed a family of 6.  Based on the fact that they are a bit tough to cook, you have different options for cooking them: either by using a pressure cooker or in the oven cover for at least one hour. I did mine in the oven.

WP_20140603_005To add color, I browned the pieces in 3 spoonful of vegetable oil.

WP_20140603_001After achieving the desire color, the vegetables, wine, and chicken broth were added.

WP_20140603_002Cover and to the oven for 1 hr more or less at 350F.

WP_20140603_007After removing the excess grease from the pan, all the vegetables were mashed to make a sauce.



Serve with white rice.


2# turkey wings

celery, carrots, regular onions, and green onions

white wine

chicken broth

salt and pepper








Thai Chicken


Back in the days when I attended cooking school (The New England Culinary Institute), the school supplies our daily meals, except on Sunday.  That day we gather ingredients from the school pantry, and we prepared a meal for the students at the dorm, taking turns with a different cuisine every Sunday.  When was time for Miss O, a friend and co-student from Thailand, she always prepared this dish for us, a simple and delicious chicken with lots of garlic, ginger and green onions.  Thank you Miss O….Enjoy

WP_20140415_001 (1)


dried ginger


Chicken tights


sautéed chicken, onions, garlic and ginger


soy sauce and corn starch slurry


Serve over cilantro and garlic rice

Breadfruit, “pana or panapen”


Breadfruit, pana or panapen is a versatile fruit mostly eat as a vegetable.  It has a mild bread flavor that allows to be incorporated in multiple recipes or as a side dish. In the Caribbean is mostly eat as chips, as a substitute for potatoes, double fried as tostones, boil and eat with olive oil and salted fish (bacalao) salad.  Tostones de pana, is double fried delicious fritter that you get by first frying it to cook the inside of the breadfruit, and then double fried it to get the crispy crust, and is serve with a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup (mayo-ketchup) sauce or garlic aioli.  Just to mention a few you can also use it for making creamy soups, cakes, flans, or bake like a potato.  If you would like to learn more about breadfruit, you can read here Breadfruit.


Breadfruit with ground beef filling 

WP_20140329_004 WP_20140329_003

Double fried panas or breadfruit with garlic alioli.


Breadfruit with salted cod fish salad and avocado