Old Music Books Christmas Wreath – Tutorial

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I been collecting old music books for a while, in order to make this paper wreath.  After reading some interesting posts about old books wreaths, I made this Christmas Wreath big enough to cover a big wall and substitute the Christmas tree. I chose books in 3 sizes, but you can do only one size; some Christmas ornaments were added for embellishment. This is an inexpensive project to do, because old books go from about one to two dollars each. All the other materials you may have at home. Because music books usually are not more than 60 pages, you may need several books, to complete the 120+ pages.

You will need

old books different sizes (120+pages)

Christmas ornaments of your choise




glue gun

card board

10 inches of cord for hanging the wreath


-start by removing the pages from the books, clean the inner border if necessary with the scissors

-start forming the cones, secure then with the clear tape, and place the staple 1 inch at the end

-cut the card board 12 inches x 14

– draw 2 circles in the card board, one 10 inches and the other 8 inches

-make two holes near the corner, leaving 1 or 2 inches from the border and tide the cord for hanging the wreath

-start placing the longest cones around the whole 10 inches circle. Use glue or staple as you please

-continue placing the second size of cones in the space between the two circles

-end with the shortest size around the 8 inches circle

-place the embellishment at the center, and around the wreath

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I made this on the working table, after finishing the last circle, I placed the wreath on the wall, and filled out all the blanks spaces, and added the Christmas decorations.

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