From Drap to Fab




From Drap to Fab a $10.00 dollars dresser, that we get at a garage sale here in Florida. Spending a week with my daughter Nicolle, we took some time for garage sailing, We were looking for any mid-century item that I could carry in my baggage back to Texas, but instead find this for the very special price of $10.00 dollars. Because my daughter was in need  for another closet or storage in her apartment and for the price, this was a great buy.  She is going to storage all her bathroom necessities and stools and it will fit perfectly in the hallway corner.



It went from a dreaded green and gold to fabulous grey. We choose Glidden Paint & Primer duo in Charcoal Coal, with two polycrylic coats.



I also change the drawers pulls, and choose from my free stash of pulls, the same design in different colors and textures.



Sitting pretty in his corner

Craigslist Dresser


It was one of those days when the Craigslist goddesses , were with me. If you are like me, that frequently look at Craigslist looking for a good piece of furniture to transform, you may have notice that some people who post on Craigslist do not answer emails or remove the ad when the piece is gone.  And that is so !annoying!,  But in this particular day, my email was instantly  answer with the price and the address to pick it up.  It  was  a Mid – Century dresser for $10.00 dollars, !!yes ten dollars!!.  With some scratches here and there, but sturdy.