Hanging out in Pinones

Pinones is a working community along the beach in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico.  Founded by descendants of African slaves, today is a residential and commercial neighborhood  and a place to hang out, specially during the weekends with family and friends.  Here you can enjoy music and good food along the stretch of beach shacks and huts with typical food from Puerto Rico with influences from Africa and Spain.

Alcapurrias: a mix of taro roots, and green bananas fill with beef or local crabs


Today the working community of Pinones, has grown and you can find vacations homes for rent or sale. And a new wave of more affluents residents looking for a place near the beach, has settle down.

Coconut milk masa fritter with local crab meat


Fresh and pure coconut water


People in line waiting for food


Me and my BFF Patricia, eating bacalaitos (salted cod fish fritters)


El fogon this is the cooking method use to do the cooking, mostly fritters.


The beautiful beach “La posita”