Thrifty Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath #2

Two years ago, in one of my garage sale outings, I bought a box of Christmas ornaments with 42 pieces for $5.00. Meaning I paid $0.11 cents on the dollar for each.  Can you get more thrifty than that? it is almost impossible. I had used some in this Christmas Ornaments Wreath that I made last year, that you can see here.

photo (21)

With some of those remaining ornaments and with the “new” vintage ones, I was able to make this year`s Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath.  I even have some for the coming year.

photo (26)


I also added, the green and red tinsel wreath $2.00, the styrofoam wreath $8.00, and no more than $3.00 in vintage ornaments. Thrifty wreath for a total of $13.00.

photo (20)



Hope you like and keep on trifting, have a great time during the coming Holidays!!.

Thank you, for following

Fabiola Garcia