Serving Tray

Serving Tray

This is a really cheap garage sale find, a beat up serving tray, that I scored for only .50 cents.  When recycling and repurposing you have to look beyond the initial shock or first impression, to figure out what to do with the item.  I have seen this tray going from $14.00 or much more!.  So the next question you may ask yourself is, what can`t paint do?  I cleaned the tray with soap and water, and let it  dry completely, before applying one coat of primer.




This is the primer I used for the serving tray.WP_20130908_004


First coat of primer, and first coat of spray paint. Sorry no pic of the primer.
WP_20130929_009After the first dry, I applied another coat of black lacquer Rust-Oleum, that I had from a previous  project.




The purpose of recycling this service tray, was to protect the Mid-Century Bench Style table.  I bought it at a thrift store, and it was all over covered with water marks, you can see it here..  After painting the borders with a sample paint that I bought for $1, from the “oops” section, I applied  a wallpaper sample from the Chiang Mai Dragon line. This paper goes with one of the pillows I made for the sofa, that you can also see here.   This is a  thrifty project that I made: black spray paint free from another project, + $1.00 for the Valspar sample, + .50c for the tray, + $7.00 for the wallpaper sample= $8.50 total cost.


One coat of Mod Podge in Matte and voala!!

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Fabiola Garcia






From Drap to Fab




From Drap to Fab a $10.00 dollars dresser, that we get at a garage sale here in Florida. Spending a week with my daughter Nicolle, we took some time for garage sailing, We were looking for any mid-century item that I could carry in my baggage back to Texas, but instead find this for the very special price of $10.00 dollars. Because my daughter was in need  for another closet or storage in her apartment and for the price, this was a great buy.  She is going to storage all her bathroom necessities and stools and it will fit perfectly in the hallway corner.



It went from a dreaded green and gold to fabulous grey. We choose Glidden Paint & Primer duo in Charcoal Coal, with two polycrylic coats.



I also change the drawers pulls, and choose from my free stash of pulls, the same design in different colors and textures.



Sitting pretty in his corner

Thrifty Pillow

Chevron Pillow made from a blouse

Chevron Pillow made from a blouse

Another score from a thrifty store, I bought a blouse at my local Goodwill for $2.99 dollars. It was a new piece, and in a Chevron pattern and I was able to make two pillows and a cosmetic bag.  By following a tutorial at I did the flower.


Con una blusa de $2.99, que compre en Godwill, con estampado de Chevron, confeccione dos cojines y una carterita  de cosmeticos. La flor la hice siguiendo las instrucciones que vi en


Thrifty Chairs – Before and After

These are two beautiful vintage chairs, that I found at a local Goodwill for $5.00 each.  And after a little sanding and spray paint they look very pretty.  Did not use primer, but did apply a clear coat of polyacrylic, to protect as a final coat.  Also in spray.  Because this is  a thrifty project, I made use of the products that I have available at the moment. In my next painting project I will be using  homemade chalk paint, more on that later.

Sillas Baratongas – Antes y Despues

Estas sillas vintage, las compre la tienda Godwill por solo $5.00 c/u. Me encantan las sillas antiguas por su elaborado diseno que al ser pintado y rejuvenecido, se le inyecta nueva vida y hasta lucen diferentes.  Para estas sillas utilize pintura en aerosol, no utilize primer, pero si les aplique una capa final protectora de polyacrilico, tambien en aerosol.