Turkey Wings

Turkey Wings

Turkey wings are an inexpensive cut of meat, great to feed a family, 3 turkey wings, will feed a family of 6.  Based on the fact that they are a bit tough to cook, you have different options for cooking them: either by using a pressure cooker or in the oven cover for at least one hour. I did mine in the oven.

WP_20140603_005To add color, I browned the pieces in 3 spoonful of vegetable oil.

WP_20140603_001After achieving the desire color, the vegetables, wine, and chicken broth were added.

WP_20140603_002Cover and to the oven for 1 hr more or less at 350F.

WP_20140603_007After removing the excess grease from the pan, all the vegetables were mashed to make a sauce.



Serve with white rice.


2# turkey wings

celery, carrots, regular onions, and green onions

white wine

chicken broth

salt and pepper









Dry Brine For Turkey

WP_20131126_003If you want a moist turkey this coming Thanksgiving, you have to try a dry brine for your turkey.  To brine is to submerge the turkey in a solution of water, salt, sugar and herbs in order for the turkey to absorb liquids and salt. This method is a little tedious and it will take a chunk of space in your refrigerator. But you can achieve the same results by using a dry brine, that will only use salt, seasoning spices and herbs. For my dry brine I used table salt, 1 teaspoon for 2# of turkey, paprika for color, black pepper,  fresh rosemary, sage and thyme.  Put the turkey breast facing down in a plastic bag, and refrigerate for at least 30 hours. After the first day, move the breast facing up.  This method will render a lot of water in the bag, remove turkey from bag, discard the bag and let the turkey drip, before roasting.  !!Feliz dia de Accion de Gracias!!