Homemade Vanilla

Homemade Vanilla



For making homemade vanilla, all you need is great vanilla beans, and alcohol of your choice: vodka, brandy, rum or gin. Originally from Mexico, the Vanilla Planifolia beans have a reputation of being the best, only after the ones from Madgascar.  I received a small package of Mexican beans, and decided to do my own homemade vanilla extract.  They got a little dry after storing them in the cooler for a long time, but in the end the drier the better, because they have less water content.

My alcohol of choice was rum, and the one available was dragon berry and strawberry flavor.  The advantage of  making your own vanilla is that you end of with a good product, free of artificial flavors, colors and sugar.  The vanilla beans can be reused up to 3 times, when then you should add more alcohol and new vanilla beans.  It should be kept in a dry and dark area; resting time is from 8 weeks to a year, and is recommended that you shake it daily.


These are my 8 vanilla beans the first day, back in August 17, in the alcohol of choice: rum.


This is the normal appearance of the alcohol, the murky liquid is due to the vanilla seeds flecks.  At the end of the resting period, you can either leave them in the liquid or strain then with a paper coffee filter.


6 weeks



My recipe:

16 ounces dragon berry/strawberry flavor rum ( my alcohol of choice)

8 vanilla beans

1 jar with lid


– Split open the beans

– Place the alcohol of choice in the jar

– Cut and submerge the vanilla beans in the liquid

– Cover and store in a dry and dark place for at least 8 weeks

– Shake it daily!!

This vanilla can be use for cooking, baking, and as a flavor rum for drinks. Enjoy!!


Thank you for following,

Fabiola Garcia