Serving Tray

Serving Tray

This is a really cheap garage sale find, a beat up serving tray, that I scored for only .50 cents.  When recycling and repurposing you have to look beyond the initial shock or first impression, to figure out what to do with the item.  I have seen this tray going from $14.00 or much more!.  So the next question you may ask yourself is, what can`t paint do?  I cleaned the tray with soap and water, and let it  dry completely, before applying one coat of primer.




This is the primer I used for the serving tray.WP_20130908_004


First coat of primer, and first coat of spray paint. Sorry no pic of the primer.
WP_20130929_009After the first dry, I applied another coat of black lacquer Rust-Oleum, that I had from a previous  project.




The purpose of recycling this service tray, was to protect the Mid-Century Bench Style table.  I bought it at a thrift store, and it was all over covered with water marks, you can see it here..  After painting the borders with a sample paint that I bought for $1, from the “oops” section, I applied  a wallpaper sample from the Chiang Mai Dragon line. This paper goes with one of the pillows I made for the sofa, that you can also see here.   This is a  thrifty project that I made: black spray paint free from another project, + $1.00 for the Valspar sample, + .50c for the tray, + $7.00 for the wallpaper sample= $8.50 total cost.


One coat of Mod Podge in Matte and voala!!

Thank you for following and for your comments!!

Fabiola Garcia