Thrifty Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath #2

Two years ago, in one of my garage sale outings, I bought a box of Christmas ornaments with 42 pieces for $5.00. Meaning I paid $0.11 cents on the dollar for each.  Can you get more thrifty than that? it is almost impossible. I had used some in this Christmas Ornaments Wreath that I made last year, that you can see here.

photo (21)

With some of those remaining ornaments and with the “new” vintage ones, I was able to make this year`s Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath.  I even have some for the coming year.

photo (26)


I also added, the green and red tinsel wreath $2.00, the styrofoam wreath $8.00, and no more than $3.00 in vintage ornaments. Thrifty wreath for a total of $13.00.

photo (20)



Hope you like and keep on trifting, have a great time during the coming Holidays!!.

Thank you, for following

Fabiola Garcia


One thought on “Thrifty Vintage Christmas Ornaments Wreath #2

  1. Hi Fabiola! Theresa from What to do Weekends Link up, here! I just want to Thank you for coming to link up @ the party! We love your wreath! I’ve pinned it and wanted to let you know that I’m sharing it on Shoestring Elegance’s Facebook Page right now!
    Thanks for partying with us!


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